Rural Pennsylvania Homeowners Face New Home Security Risks


A largely rural state covered in rolling hills and mountains, Pennsylvania also throws in the surprise every now and again of a major city.

Whether bustling Philadelphia, political Harrisburg or ever growing Pittsburgh, there are many communities across the states of all shapes and sizes.  From the communities of the Pennsylvania Dutch caught in time to the very latest and greatest in modern conveniences and technologies, the great state of Pennsylvania seems to have it all.

Along with all the positives, Pennsylvania also struggles with something that most states are having to grapple with, property crime.  The numbers are up to a way you look at them when it comes to residential burglary and breaking and entry, and homeowners are scared stiff that intruders might disrupt their peace and quiet at any moment.

No matter where a person lives in Pennsylvania there are important measures to take to ensure great home security, but residential homeowners should take special precautions.

There are a number of reasons why a residential home is easier to break into than an urban or even suburban home, not the least of which is a lack of preparedness.

The average criminal knows that a home in the country is less likely to be protected by features such as a home security system.  In fact, a large number of residential burglaries are suffered by Mennonite and Amish communities in the state every year for the very fact that criminals know they do not have electricity to run alarms or telephones, and therefore the chances of being interrupted by the authorities are slim to none.  Rural homes provide some similar conveniences.

The cover of not just a few trees or bushes, but entire fields and tracts of forest can be between neighbors, giving burglars lots of uninterrupted time to figure out a way inside during the day.  Should there be anyone inside, or even observing the crime, the chances of help reaching the residence before the criminal is finished are also slim to none.  The average burglar tries to spend less than 15 minutes inside the residence, and it is a longer drive than that, even at top speed, to the nearest police officer.

As if all that weren’t enough, the average criminal also knows that home security practices like always locking doors and windows that are standard in the city are likely not observed in what are perceived to be safe, tranquil, rural communities, homesteads, and towns.

Luckily for rural Pennsylvanian homeowners, it’s not all bad news.  There are ways to stay safe at home that require just a tiny bit of extra effort.  To begin with, locking doors and windows both at night and while you are away can make it an extra challenge for burglars, meaning they are more likely to simply move on.

Some rural homeowners also find that with people in and out of the house and on and off the property all day, a property alarm can be very helpful.  Such an alarm can be used simply to advise the owner that someone has arrived, and can alert them to keep watch at suspicious hours.  Above all, secure the property with lots of lighting and motion detector lighting to deter criminals and keep your rural property safe.

When all else fails, a home alarm system works wonders to keep thieves away from any rural residence.


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